Polling Divisions

As scheduled in other years, registration of persons who are over 18 years of age and permanent residents in the district as voters and removing the names of persons from voters registry who have left the district by 01st of June and registering the names of the persons who have come to the district from other districts and carrying out all organizing activities and other procedures of declared elections are entrusted to elections branch in this year as well.

Accordingly, revision of voters registers were initiated from 01st June 2017 and in the process awareness programmes for Grama Niladharis were conducted at divisional secretariat level. Hence ,necessary instructions were given to Grama Niladharis regarding the revision of electoral registries as per the guidelines given by the Commissioner of Elections . Then B.C. forms to be distributed among voters and other forms were issued to Grama Niladharies and B.C. returning date to the elections office was scheduled. Subsequently , duly completed B.C. forms were handed over to the Elections Office by Grama Niladharis on prescribed date and accordingly “a” names were omitted and “b” names were included in to the registry. Then opportunity was given to the voters to make appeals with in a prescribed period who could not register them selves at the time of completing B.C forms. Then applications were called from 10.08.2017 to 06.09.2017 and inquires were held regarding appeals and objections and qualified names were noted down to be included in voters registry and further actions were taken to verify the dual registrations and such names were omitted from one place and Mr. J. Jeniton certified the registry on 12.10.2017 . Awareness programmes and propaganda campaigns were launched during June 2017 to make awareness among public regarding registration of voters . A demonstration march and a workshop was successfully conducted at Hingurakgoda town with the participation of high officials of Elections Commission including the chairman, government officers and school children . In terms of the strategic plan of Elections Commission , 48 workshops were successfully conducted to cover the whole district with the patronage of resource persons as per the instructions of Elections Commission. Primary objective of this programme was to include all the names that should be included in it. As an initiative for 2018 local government election data collection of officers were started by August 2017 and the election was declared on 27th November 2017 and from that day onwards election process was commenced for this year.

Number of voters as per division in terms of the voters registry 2017.

“a” - Minneriya 87113

“b” - Medirigiriya 80889

“c” - Polonnaruwa 153592